Moss Agate and Pyrite

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Necklace Length: 17” with 3” extender

Pendant: Moss Agate and Pyrite

This is a fabulous OOAK piece.  Gorgeous combo of natural gemstones.  Necklace is faceted glass beads.  

Green Moss Agate is a translucent Agate (a type of Chalcedony) that features a mossy, dendric, branching, or fern-like pattern, thus the name.  With these unusual patterns, this semi-precious stone gives an impression of a small landscape or tree captured inside of the stone.  

Pyrite has more recently become “The IT Stone”.  Many jewelry designers and artists have found its beauty and allure to be something that almost all of their clients are seeking.  However, it has a long history of being the chosen stone in many different cultures and groups of people.  Native Americans believed this was a magical stone that had the ability to heal. French women believed it offered protection and wore it as a talisman during the Napoleonic wars. Some Roman and Greek soldiers would die unnecessarily because they assumed that this stone would protect them from all harm. The Chinese believed that figurines made of pyrite would attract wealth when placed near a window or would protect a room when placed near a door.

Needless to say, this necklace is pretty special and would make a great addition to any SaltLight collector’s wardrobe.