Mary’s Vibe

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16 1/4” length with front clasp.

If I am being honest, like all artists, I struggle with comparing my paintings, my jewelry, my designs to others and their creations. I see other people's work and I feel like mine isn't good enough.

I see other creations and think, "I wish I was that talented"

But the truth is.... WE ARE ALL AMAZING ARTISTS. Every single human alive!! I believe that. I believe we all have unique artistic gifts and abilities. And every now and then I remind myself of my amazing gifts and abilities.

This piece right here is SO ME!! It is such a true representation of my style, my look, and all the things that excite me and keep me inspired….... I love faceted beads. Whether they are gemstones or glass. I'm obsessed with pearls and I typically like them a little weird, never a perfect circle or color. I love bronze. I think it looks good on EVERYONE.

And nature, all things natural, inspire me. So this leaf is simply perfection in my eyes.

And let's not forget a great rotating lobster clasp... PERFECTLY PLACED ON THE FRONT OF THE NECKLACE so everyone can see it.

This is 100% Mary’s vibe! 💕